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Powerlink June 2024 Open House Recap

Thank You!

We had an incredible evening at the Powerlink Open House event on June 26th! The event was a huge success, bringing together entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals from the community to explore our newly opened top floor coworking space and lounge.

Here's What Happened!


The evening was filled with vibrant and engaging entertainment that kept everyone delighted and involved.

Live Music by Dale Raven. Smooth and yummy tunes.

Dale Raven’s performance was a delightful addition to the evening, setting a lively and welcoming atmosphere. Guests enjoyed a mix of popular tunes and original songs, making the night even more special.

Playing Vinyl and Shooting Pool. We found some sharks!

The lounge area was buzzing with activity as guests enjoyed classic vinyl records while playing pool. The casual and fun environment made it easy for everyone to connect and share ideas. We even had a pool challenge to see who could sink the most balls in 2 minutes!

Pickleball! Yup, that happened!

An exciting pickleball game, with nets, paddles, and balls provided by Lakeshore Recreation, added an extra layer of fun to the event, allowing guests to engage in some friendly competition.


Networking opportunities were abundant, allowing attendees to form new connections and strengthen existing ones.

Networking Opportunities. Re-connections and new connections.

The open house provided a fantastic platform for networking. Attendees had the chance to meet fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals, fostering new connections and potential collaborations.

Meeting Current Office Tenants and Members. We're lucky to have them.

The event also offered a chance to meet current office tenants and members of Powerlink, allowing guests to hear firsthand about their experiences and the benefits of being part of our vibrant community.

Community and Facilities

The Powerlink community and facilities were on full display, showcasing the support and resources available to all members.

Food and Drinks by Rabbit Dash Inc. The best coffee on the planet!

Rabbit Dash Inc. provided a delicious assortment of food and refreshing drinks that kept everyone satisfied throughout the evening. The delightful flavors added a perfect touch to the event.

Stunning Views from the Top Floor Lounge. What view isn't stunning in Saugeen Shores!

Guests were treated to breathtaking views from our top floor lounge, offering a stunning backdrop to the evening's festivities. The ambiance was perfect for both relaxation and networking.

Building and Community Updates. We're just getting started.

Attendees received updates on the Powerlink building and community, learning about our mission to provide solutions for office space and business growth challenges. Tours were provided to showcase our state-of-the-art facilities.

Announcement of AREA 81. Home grown, entrepreneur lead accelerator!

We are thrilled to announce, that Andrew Hill, is one of the four founding members of AREA 81. Chris Herbert, a founding member and program lead announced this news.

AREA 81 is obsessed with the development, acceleration, and success of rural entrepreneurs, the starting and scaling of innovation-driven ventures, and the development of rural markets.

It will evolve into an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Grey Bruce, creating and accelerating world-class entrepreneurs and innovation-driven ventures. AREA 81 will also be a gateway for global entrepreneurs seeking to develop rural markets in North America.

Powerlink Member Office Showcases. Showing off their new digs!

Throughout the night, Powerlink members showcased their offices, offering insights into their businesses and the vibrant community at Powerlink.

French Touch by V. Makes Powerlink walls sparkle!

We were also pleased to feature the stunning works of French Touch by V. Their beautiful designs added an elegant touch to the evening and showcased the creative talent within our community.

Live Remote by Bayshore Broadcasting's The Bruce. "We are the Bruce!"

We were thrilled to have Bayshore Broadcasting's The Bruce on-site for a live remote broadcast, adding to the excitement and reach of our event.

Special Thank You

We would like to extend a special thank you to the following for their contributions in making this event a success:

Your support and participation were invaluable, and we are deeply grateful. We are thrilled to announce that around 100 people attended the event, making it a lively and memorable evening.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made the evening memorable! We look forward to more events like this and to growing our community together. If you missed this event, be sure to join us next time for another fantastic evening at Powerlink.

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