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Customer Testimonial | Adult Learning Centre

Updated: Jul 3

adult learning centre

Customer Profile | Adult Learning Centre

The Adult Learning Centre, coordinated by Maria Bertrand, is part of Employment Ontario and serves the Bruce Grey Collingwood area, specifically under the name Saugeen Shores Adult Learning Center in Port Elgin.

They provide support for adults 18 and older across five goal paths: employment, apprenticeship, secondary school, secondary school credit, and independence. For those seeking employment, they assist with job searches and employment skills, often in collaboration with VPI Employment Solutions.

They also help individuals preparing for apprenticeships by upgrading their skills and preparing for aptitude tests in trades. Adults returning to education can receive support in improving their skills for college.

The Centre partners with the Bluewater District School Board to help adults complete remaining credits for secondary school. Additionally, they assist with digital skills, basic literacy, and practical tasks like navigating online courses or using new technology.

Why Powerlink?

The Adult Learning Centre chose to locate at Powerlink for several key reasons: affordability, accessibility, and central location.

Powerlink offers a range of price options suitable for their budget, making it an affordable choice. The building's accessibility features, including wide halls, handicapped-accessible bathrooms, and an elevator, make it suitable for seniors and those with disabilities.

Its central location allows easy access for clients who may walk or cycle due to limited vehicle availability. Additionally, Powerlink provides facilities like a small room for board meetings and group training, and access to computers for students needing to perform various tasks. These factors combined made Powerlink an ideal choice for the Adult Learning Centre.

"We chose Powerlink for its affordability, accessibility, and central location. The building offers a range of price options, is equipped for seniors and those with mobility issues, and is centrally located for clients who walk or cycle." - Maria Bertrand

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