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Powerlink Office Building Walk Through | Mar 20, 2024

Updated: May 2

powerlink update march 2024

Walk through and Update: Discover the Full-Service Office Condominiums, Workspace and Meeting Rooms at Powerlink in Bruce County

In an era where the concept of 'office' is continually evolving, a groundbreaking workspace in Saugeen Shores is setting new standards for flexibility, comfort, and community engagement. The Powerlink Office Building, with its innovative design and comprehensive amenities, promises to redefine the traditional workspace.

Our latest video tour, led by the mind behind this visionary project, offers an exclusive sneak peek into what the future holds for entrepreneurs and businesses alike, with a special focus on the hassle-free ownership experience offered through office condominiums, flexible leases/rentals, workspaces, coworking and meeting rooms.


MORE INFO: Contact us for updates and to book a tour


A Revolutionary Workspace Designed for Modern Professionals

Powerlink stands as a testament to the changing landscape of work environments. Our offerings are not just spaces but solutions tailored to the diverse needs of today’s workforce. From private office condos for sale to various sized meeting rooms available for rent, hot desk and a professional lounge, the building caters to both burgeoning startups and established enterprises.

Video Tour: How We're Progressing!

As we get close to our official launch we'll be providing these walk through updates.

What's covered in this walk through

Introduction to the Space

  • Briefly introduces the second floor as a waiting area, mentioning future plans for furnishing with a coffee table, chairs, and magazines.

Meeting Rooms

  • Showcases a small meeting room designed for 3-5 people, mentioning upcoming AV equipment installation.

  • Total of seven meeting rooms of varying sizes available for rent.

  • Discussion on how coworking members can book rooms for private meetings.

Office Condominiums

  • Highlights available office spaces for sale, including a spacious area suited for a small to midsize business.

  • Discusses the affordability and details of an office condo listed at $279,000 with a monthly condo fee of about $400.

Leasing and Investment Opportunities

  • Explains options for purchasing office spaces either for personal business use or as an investment property.

  • Offers full leasing services for investors, including tenant search and rent collection.


MORE INFO: Contact us for updates and to book a tour


Building Amenities and Features

  • Describes the building's automated systems, like HVAC and LED lighting, for individual office climate control and energy efficiency.

  • Mentions shared reception services for all businesses within the building, adding credibility and convenience for small businesses.

  • Introduces internal offices with no windows as a cost-effective option for businesses not requiring daily office access.

Security and Infrastructure

  • Outlines security measures, including key-less access, camera systems, secure WiFi, and commercial-grade network infrastructure.

  • Emphasizes investment in building infrastructure for high-level encryption and autonomous heating/cooling control.

Coworking Space and Lounge

  • Provides a preview of the coworking space, comparing it to an executive lounge with comfortable seating and high-end amenities.

  • Discusses the variety of membership options for entrepreneurs, from day passes to unlimited access.

  • Highlights plans for a casual, community-oriented area within the coworking space, featuring a cafe and spaces for relaxation and informal meetings.

Community and Local Art

  • Plans to decorate the building with local artwork, creating a gallery-like environment to support and showcase local artists.


MORE INFO: Contact us for updates and to book a tour


Flexible Workspace Options

  • Explains the range of workspace solutions from day-use offices to large office spaces for bigger teams.

  • Mentions the inclusion of washrooms and shower rooms on every floor for convenience and comfort.

Accessibility and Design

  • Comments on the building's wide hallways for accessibility and a spacious feel.

  • Describes the effort to separate washroom facilities from offices for privacy and noise reduction.

Grand Opening and Future Plans

  • Grand opening is expected this spring, with the first tenants moving in and final touches being applied to the coworking space.

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